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About Me

Hey There, 

I’m Charisma, and I am out here living my Dream Life Traveling the world with my son and Generating Passive Income while doing it!

But this isn’t where I started, as a divorced single mom of two, I worked as a Registered Nurse. We lived the Average American Dream- house, cars, and white picket fence (well, ours was a brown shadowbox, but you know what I mean, lol). We went on 3-4 vacations a year- 1 vacation was never quite enough 🙂

When my son was diagnosed with KIF1A, I told my daughter that after she graduated from high school, my son and I would travel the world- she needed stability and he needed adventure before this ugly disease takes his ability to do so. At the time no one but my daughter believed me, but eventually they had no choice becasue after the pandemic and her graduation, I began bopping around Latin America. Today I’m Building Generational Wealth through Real Estate while traveling from country to country.

Whether your dream is to travel or do something else with your life- NOW is the time to start working towards it!

Whatever you do, know that it’s never too late or too early to Live Your Best Life!

Where it All Started

Who is Charisma

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My Vision

I’m working on a movement to teach African Americans to invest in real estate from multiple modalities. The real estate industry has been controlled by EVERYONE else for far too long.

It is time we take our rightful place on our new throne.

#RealEstateforBlackAmericans #InvestMore #GenerationalWealth #WealthBuilding #BuildYourEmpire #InvestinAfrica


I educate US on the advantages of investing in passive real estate to create a source of passive income and establish your own empire.