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I travel around the world with my son who has been diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disability, KIF1A. It affects the way he moves as well as his thought processes- Think Cerebral Palsy and Autism. For that reason, I can tell you we travel a little differently, lol! We can’t just jump on the plane and go, there is some detailed planning and preparation that must take place prior to doing so. And that’s where I step in to help YOU with my expertise. If you need help planning your 1st or your next trip with respect to disabilities, I am here to assist you in making it as easy as possible.


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Are you ready for your Next Trip, Sabbatical, or to completely EXIT the United States? Well, I’m here to help you with that. I specialize in helping women- solo, single moms, digital nomads, or women rediscovering themselves- take the FIRST and the NEXT Step of moving forward on your journey. Together, we will develop a plan to focus on the issues that are unique to your situation and can cause future barriers to leaving and living out your dreams.


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Real Estate Syndications

I teach “Hands-Off” Real Estate Approach through Real Estate Syndications.

What are RE Syndications? 

An opportunity to invest in larger projects (Apartments, Hotels,  Storage Facilities, & More) without being a landlord. You have a team of individuals that LOCATE, RESEARCH, PLAN, & EXECUTE the Deal. All you have to do is invest and collect your Dividends.

I offer 2 option to learn everything you NEED to know about Finding, Vetting, & Investing in Real Estate Syndications


*LIVE 6-Month Training on “Hands-Off” Approach to Investing including  Syndications & More

PLUS Mentorship


*Self-Paced Course at Your Own Pace

Having a mentor or coach in real estate can speed up your progress exponentially, saving you time, money, & peace of mind. For that reason, I offer 1-on-1 Real Estate Coaching, as well as Group Coaching, to take you to the next level in your journey. You choose the topic, but if you need help some common topics include:

*Are Multifamily Real Estate Syndications a Good Fit for My Situation as a Vector for 100% Passive Income?

*Evaluating a Current Deal AND Deciding Together if You Should Move Forward

*Getting Started in Real Estate & Overcoming Fears

Book Your Call Today. I’m Here to Help You Succeed!

Who is Charisma?

So I am the person who left their American Dream- House, Cars, & 6- Figure Income to travel the world Full-Time with my son & daughter. What makes me a little different is that my son has a rare disorder - KIF1A- as a result he's disabled. So, yes, wheelchair, crutches, and all we travel this world. I make this possible by investing in REAL ESTATE REMOTELY from the comfort of my beach chair!!!

Me in a Nutshell

What I Do?

I teach women, just like you to invest in passive real estate so you can live out your dreams to do whatever your heart desires.


# Education  #Motivation  #Passive Income # Generational Wealth

I travel the world and I absolutely love it!!! The Good. The Bad. The Ups and Downs. There is nothing like worldschooling your child and yourself at the same time. Seeing the Vatican is completely different than visiting the Vatican.

I can teach you to do the same.


# Self-Discovery # Expat Life #TravelDiva #CharismaCaresTravels

What My Clients Say

What was the best part of the course in your opinion?

"Easy to understand and it was for the ladiesss 👏🏾 Learning about the different ways to get financing"

Sha’Dawn S. Courses and Classes

What was the best part of the course in your opinion?

"Learning about alternative [real estate investing] options. It was very informative and enjoyable!"

Jina K. Courses and Classes

What was the best part of the course in your opinion?

"Being taught by someone who actually does it"

Trina M Courses and Classes

What was the best part of the course in your opinion?

"All of the information was great but the policies and procedures Charisma includes in her lease agreement to ensure she has great tenants and reduce her liability are excellent."

Giovanni A Courses and Classes

What was the best part of the course in your opinion?

"Being told to how to automated your business! Brilliant!"

Crystal L Courses and Classes

What was the best part of the course in your opinion?


Flanzie T Courses and Classes

What was the best part of the course in your opinion?

"Slides were pretty easy to follow. I like the simplicity of the course."

Francine S Courses and Classes

"The [coaching] call was super informative. The clear-cut methods Charisma utilizes to ensure the success of her REI endeavors is admirable and impressive. I’m very grateful for our coaching call and I look forward to learning more from Charisma."

Anonymous Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

I can help you in whatever way you feel is best. 

1-on-1 Coaching

Live Classes

Self- Paced Courses...

I'm here to make sure we all SUCCEED 

Not much. Just have an idea of what path you want to take.

Real Estate

Solo Travel

Travel with kids, disabilities, as a single mom, or even all 3

By trade, I am a Nurse Practitioner so caring & helping others is all I know. 

Investment wise- I am invested in Real Estate Syndications, Multifamily, Single Family Homes, Partnerships, & More

I help women, like you, develop travel plans, understand the ins and outs when traveling with kids, disabilities, or special needs. and how to make money in multiple aspects of real estate investing. 

When you're ready to talk, I'm ready to listen

An open mind. I'm going to give you ideas & options to help with growth. Things you've never thought of before. Think outside the box a bit.

You just need to be ready!

Depending on the service you are interested in, I can still help you. For coaching it's not a problem. For investing, contact me for more details.

I always say, "A Real Estate Syndication is the best kept secret of the rich and wealthy." Basically you invest in a large real estate deal- an apartment complex, storage facility, hotel, etc., in turn you own a percentage of that particular property. The General Partners manage it 100% and send you your money every quarter, month or whatever you decide. It's a good place to invest your 401K or long term savings that is collecting pennies at the bank. The thing is... all syndications are not created equally and it is important that you are able to tell the difference. So I offer a Self- Paced course which teaches you to evaluate a real estate syndication.

Still nervous, Book a 1-on-1 Call to Discuss it in Detail

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My YouTube Channel Charisma Cares Travels  is  great way to stay in contact with me. Here, I provide you with  a glimpse into my life, showing you how I travel the world with my son &  invest in real estate passively, locally, and internationally. 

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Hey There, I’m Charisma, a World Traveling Real Estate Investor!

I am here to help you Achieve Financial Freedom & Create the Life of Your Dreams. 

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