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Chase Sapphire

Chase Sapphire is my go to travel card- Supplemental Travel Insurance, Travel Points for Free Flights, Car Insurance, & No Foreign ATM Transaction Fees. Need I Say More! I truly don’t leave home without it.

 Use this link to earn 60,000 bonus travel points – Click Here to Sign up Today!!!


Safety Wing Insurance

Travel Medical Insurance for Digital Nomads and Expats is the single most important purchase you can make for yourself when traveling abroad. Many countries do not have a litigation system that will help you if you are injured or even killed abroad. I, now make sure I have Safety Wing no matter how long my trip. Most credit card companies do not cover long term trips, but Safety Wing does. When I was hurt in the Dominican Republic Safety Wing reimbursed EVERYTHING. Here’s a video about an experience I had visiting Playa del Carmen, Mexico and just how important travel medical insurance really is Click Here to Watch

It’s only $42 a month for adults & children 10 and up- under 10 is free with a paying adult policy.

Do yourself the biggest favor ever, and Get your travel insurance before your next destination CLICK HERE to Sign up


Trusted Housesitters

Trusted Housesitters is a way to travel for FREE. You take care of pets and plants in someone else’s home and in turn they get a free sitter so they can travel the world. What’s not to love… I mean, unless you don’t like pets, plants, or free accommodations – CLICK HERE to join with 30% off Today (Discounts vary on the season from 20-30% and is set by Trusted Housesitters)


Journals for Empowering Women (with inspirational and down to Earth)

I believe in writing my thoughts down as I work through them That is why I wrote these Journals for Women. They come with Prompts, Thoughts, and Funny Commentary to help you through your current situation OR to make you Think, Grow, & Prosper!

Bold & Bada$$: Journal for Moms Making Ish Happen- CLICK HERE TO PREVIEW

Bold & Bada$$: Journal for SINGLE WOMEN Making Ish Happen- CLICK HERE TO PREVIEW

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