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“I educate individuals like us on the advantages of investing in passive real estate to create a source of passive income and establish your own empire. I firmly believe that exploring the world is the gateway to broadening your perspectives.”

The ability to take your time and go at your own pace to learn new concepts in real estate is priceless.  This allows you to review the concepts on your own time, multiple times if necessary. If you have a question, I am available via the community OR you have the option to book a 1-on-1 mentor call.

Choose from the Following Courses:

*Automating Property Management & Finding Tenants

*Investing in Real Estate Multifamily Apartments & Syndications

* 4 Week Real Estate Bootcamp- Buying Your 1st Rental Property

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Ready to get started in real estate investing but need help understanding all the different concepts??? I can help with that… 


I specialize in teaching real estate strategies such as:




*Buying Rental Properties Locally 


*Buying or Renting Properties Internationally (subject to certain countries)


*Real Estate Syndications & Multifamily Properties

& More


I am simply here to HELP YOU reach your goals.

I travel around the world as a solo parent with my son who was diagnosed with a disability. It affects his movement, thought processes, and more (See for more details) 


I feel that it is just as important for me to see the world and experience different cultures, as it is for him to do so. That is why I provide travel coaching to women (and men, but mostly women!!!) that are interested in exiting their country to travel temporarily, take a career break, or for a better life!


 If you need help planning your 1st or your next trip with respect to disabilities, solo parenting, or womanhood, I am here to help you make it as seamless as possible.


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 #DigitalNomad #SpiritualJourney #careerbreak #exodus


I can help with it all!!!


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